About Us

Colombiana is the creation of passionate, talented artisans whose dream was to bring the rich history and modern elegance of Colombian design to the world. Experience the beauty of another time, another culture – another WORLD through our use of bold design and vivid colors.   

Our artisans layer elements from the wealth of pre-Colombian symbols with modern designs for today's woman. Colombiana is The Golden Era - Modernized.  

Colombia is a place with a bountiful past and some of the most artistically talented cultures humanity has ever known.  Many ancient cultures inhabited Colombia, and Pre-Colombian Meso-America, each leaving their own unique mark through their art and jewelry. For thousands of years the symbols of these ancient cultures have been admired by the present day people of Colombia as well as others from around the globe. What was their meaning? What purpose did they serve? The fascination surrounding these ancient symbols and the beautiful artifacts that they embellished has brought intrigue to the modern day world.  Our collection honors these symbols and their creators through the creation of exquisite jewelry that embraces the extravagant style that is uniquely Colombian.